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What Makes Us Unique The Partnership is one of the largest, in-district public school transformation organizations in the United States. We are an independent non-profit organization that promotes change through an innovative transformation model: working with the Los Angeles Unified School District (LA Unified) under a Memorandum of Understanding, the Partnership manages a network of district schools in Boyle Heights, South LA, and Watts. Our model relies on sustainable and scalable solutions that can be applied at schools beyond our 18 campuses to dramatically improve outcomes for all students.
Scalable and Sustainable Because the vast majority of our nation’s students still attend traditional public schools, we believe in finding solutions to empower students in the district context. And knowing the limitations of public education funding, we only provide supports that can be scaled to and sustainably funded at other high-need district schools. This allows us to influence broader change by working within and alongside LA Unified to find and share solutions.
Highest Need Schools We work where the need is greatest. As ranked by the Student Equity Need Index - created through a collaboration between the Advancement Project, Community Coalition, and InnerCity Struggle - that takes a holistic measure of student need by including neighborhood conditions such as poverty, violence and access to resources. Seventeen of 18 Partnership schools are high- or highest-need, and one is moderate need. Specifically, our network includes Los Angeles’ third and fifth highest-need elementary schools, the second highest-need high school, and third and fifth highest-need middle schools.
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Systems Change Our experience directly supporting schools uniquely positions us to identify limitations and opportunities within schools and systems. Our systems change work removes barriers to student success while scaling up solutions. For example, we helped to make gifted testing universal for LA Unified second graders. We also pilot programs that have been adopted across LA Unified, such as comprehensive school report cards to help families better understand a school’s effectiveness.
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Power in Partners The historically underserved schools we manage need an array of supports that extend beyond our work, and we know we cannot achieve our mission on our own. Our success is built by creating strong partnerships and leveraging the expertise of partner organizations, community members, and dozens of funders. Our partners help serve the individual needs of our schools and students by providing social emotional supports, health and wellness care, academic interventions, after-school programming, and much more, ensuring success beyond what we alone can provide.
Explore Our Schools The Partnership directly serves 14,000 LA Unified students at the elementary, middle, and high school level.
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Lace Flats Noir Dauphin TBS up Noir Men’s Globek 4834 The Partnership for Los Angeles Schools

1055 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 1850

Los Angeles, CA 90017

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